Wildcrafting Harvest to Hydrosol and Essential Oil Distillation Workshop on Sunday July 29th from 9am through 5pm.

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Juniper Essential Oil & Hydrosol

Do you use essential oils?  Have you ever wondered how they are obtained?  Would you like to learn how to distill plants in order to obtain their essential oils and a lesser known product called Hydrosol?  This workshop is an amazing overview on the Art of distillation.  The process from harvesting the plants from the wild, loading the copper alembic stills and learning about the entire process of steam distillation.  This workshop is hands on and can hold no more than three persons.

What you will learn:

1) How to ethically harvest therapeutic/medicinal plants

2) The scientific methods of ratios, testing pH and other important factors

3) The alchemical process of creating amazing hydrosols for personal use

4) How to capture the essential oils from the plant at the end of the process

You will take home

1) One 4 oz. bottle, one 2 oz. bottle and one bottle of essential oil from the botanical distillation of the day.

2) A booklet that contains a detailed overview of what you have learned

3) A notebook for you to take notes

There will be a lot of learning including questions and answer periods.  Also demonstrations, as well as a fascinating history of botanical distillation through the ages.  This workshop will also include many resources for you should you desire to continue to learn.  You will be connected to some of the top distillers in the world who make heirloom perfumes (the way perfume used to be a long time ago).  You'll also be connected to major workshops for much more advanced distillation taught by top distillers, alchemists and scientists should you choose to immerse yourself in this incredible world of alchemy.  For more information please call us at (307) 690-8155.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Barn Healing Center.

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