The Art of Fermentation with Heather Olson

$ 179.00

Winter is Coming and that means cold and flu season is upon us!

Did you know Americans spend millions of dollars every year on probiotic supplements? Did you know that a healthy flora (good bacteria) in your diet can help your body resist colds and flu? Did you know that your ancestors made probiotic fermented foods that kept them healthy every day? How would you like to learn how to make your own fermented foods and save a lot of money just through learning this amazing process in your own kitchen?

Learn this amazing lost art and improve the immunity and overall health of yourself and your family. Learn how to make tasty and flavorful fermented foods like Kimchi and Saur Kraut. Learn how to incorporate these delicious fermented foods into daily recipes to supplement your diet.

Date: Saturday December 1, 2018
Time: 10am - 4:30pm
Location: The Barn Healing Center located at 6190 Heck of a Hill Road 1 mile south of Wilson
Cost: $199.00 per person. The EARLY BIRD Special is $179.00 if booked before November 26
th 2018
Contact: Please call us for directions at (307) 690-8155

Spend the day with Herbalist Heather Olson as you learn to chop, pound, and create tasty, flavorful fermented foods that the entire family will enjoy. Fermentation is an age old tradition that modernscience has revealed has many amazing health benefits. You’ll learn about the ways of old food storage and why the foods were able to stay fresh, crispy and safe for weeks prior to the advent of refrigeration.  Not only will this class enlighten your mind to these benefits, but you will have delicious recipes and fermented foods to take home, along with a fermentation kit of your own! You’ll also be given furtherinformation including references to books and websites that will help you should you decide to continue this wonderful journey of health and self-reliance. See you at the Barn on Saturday December 1st.