The Red Desert 3 Day 2 Night Tour and Camp-Out Trip with John Mionczynski Friday June 24th-Sunday June 26th, 2022

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This Wyoming Red Desert tour is our fifth year.  We will generally be traveling the same route as last year (as our permit allows) and will be covering more information as every trip is different.  If you have never been to the Wyoming Red Desert, it is a hidden ecosystem that is virtually unknown even by many Wyoming residents.  The Red Desert located in south central Wyoming covers an area of 9,320 square miles.  John Mionczynski (ethnobotanist, biologist, historian and a founder of the Native Memory Project) will take us on a caravan drive and hike through the heart of the Red Desert.  He will discuss the unique flora and fauna including the plant medicine of the region.  We will explore the historic Oregon Trail and the California Gold Rush Trail, pioneering history including the Transcontinental Telegraph Line and the Stagecoach route to and from Atlantic City and South Pass City, Wyoming.  We'll hike through archeological sites, fossil beds and geologic formations. Native American spirituality and sacredness of various sites will be an integral part of the experience.   Bring your cameras and many questions.  Please check out the following important information to be prepared for this trip.



THIS IS A FIELD TRIP STYLE EXPERIENCE: The tour of the Red Desert is not a tour that has precise designated stops with a tour guide map telling everyone what the next site is. There are general locations that John (our experienced leader) will lead us to which include stops where he will present the history and significance of each site.  Occasionally the stops may be changed due to weather conditions.

THE WYOMING RED DESERT MAP:  The Wyoming Red Desert Map was produced by Citizens for the Red Desert organization of which John Mionczyski is a member. This map was made available beginning in March, 2020 will be provided for each participant to use and see the various locations where we will be stopping, hiking or camping.

DATE & TIME: We will meet at 9:00 AM on Friday June 24th and will adjourn at approximately 3:00 PM on Sunday June 26th.  Please be prompt and arrive on time.  If you have any problems at all don't hesitate to call me Ben Scott Clark (307) 690-8155.

LIMITED NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: There is a limit to the number of attendees so please make sure you sign up early to ensure your place.

VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS:  We highly recommend that you bring an off-road vehicle for this trip.  If you don't have an off-road vehicle with a clearance that is sufficiently high (8.5 inches or more), we recommend you travel with someone who does.  If you do decide to bring a vehicle that is not off-road that is your personal choice and you are responsible for any possible damage to your vehicle that may happen as a result.

MEETING PLACE: FARSON, WYOMING.  At 9:00 AM will be meeting at the Farson Mercantile in Farson, Wyoming located on the corner of highway 191 and highway 28.  The exact coordinates are 4048 US - 191, Farson, WY  82932.  Farson is two and a half hours drive south of Jackson, Wyoming.  The Farson location has great cell reception and there is protected parking adjacent to the Farson Mercantile located across the highway from a gas station.

CELLULAR SERVICE:  The Wyoming Red Desert has spotty cellular service and there are large areas where there is none at all.  It is very important that you stay with the group.  If you get separated from the main group and cannot find the caravan of cars don't panic you can drive your vehicle to an elevated area on the road where you are more likely to get cell service and call me Ben (307) 690-8155 so John and I can guide you back to the group.  Also text service has a bigger range so texting can often work where cell service does not.  We recommend you not depend upon your cell phone except for an emergency or to take memorable photos and using the recording or video app on your cell phone in taking notes of John Mionczynski's discussions.


The Wyoming Red Desert Tour consists of wildlife observation including the presence of wild horses.  We know how much our pets mean to us as part of our family, however, in this instance it is crucial that you not bring your pets who can upset wildlife which can not only create a distraction and harm other participants opportunity for up close photographing and experiencing wildlife but can harm wildlife as well.  Please leave your pets at home in the care of friends or family.  Thank you for your understanding.


  • Sleeping bag and pillow.  You may sleep in your vehicle, in a tent you provide or on the ground.  A thick sleeping pad or blow up mattress is strongly suggested.
  • Pack your own food with either paper plates, metal or ceramic plates (that can be washed) and utensils.  We will be having at least 2 short food breaks each day on this trip.  Bring snacks and other easily accessible foods as well.  We strongly suggest you bring an ice cooler to pack perishable food in.  A Camp Stove is strongly Encouraged along with camp cooking supplies like a small dutch oven and/or cast iron or other metal pots and pans made for camping.
  • We suggest you bring a bundle or two of firewood (if possible) should you want to have your own campfire. 
  • A back pack is essential.
  • Bring 2 1/2 days worth of water.  Please bring full water containers for the trip as you will need to stay hydrated.
  • THERE ARE NO OUT-HOUSES OR BATHROOMS ON THIS TRIP.  Please bring your own toilet paper, biodegradable wipes, etc.  A small shovel is encouraged to bury any biodegradable waste you may leave.  Do all you can to keep the desert as untouched as when you found it.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full at Farson, Wyoming.
  • Dress for hiking which means you should bring shorts and tee shirts along with a few pairs of warm jeans or other hiking pants.
  • Bring a jacket and layers of warm clothing as we could have inclement weather.
  • Bring comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • Insect repellant
  • People should have a First Aid Kit that is easily accessible in your back pack or vehicle.  
  • Flash Light
  • Lighter

Waiver Signatures Required:  Since there will be some climbing and hiking (easy to moderate) that we will be doing there is some risk to participants.  Though highly unlikely, there is a risk of a fall and injury.  If you feel uneasy about hiking on the Honeycomb Buttes then you do have an option to explore the areas below the buttes with other people in the group who so choose.  American Wilderness Botanicals and John Mionczynski are not held responsible for any risk or injury that a participant may choose to take.

Refund Policy:
  American Wilderness Botanicals' refund policy on this package tour is 50% refund from day of purchase through Sunday June 5, 2022.  Beginning June 5th, 2022 there are no refunds.  If you have a need to cancel you are strongly encouraged to contact me, Ben Scott Clark at (307) 690-8155 and transfer your place to another person who wishes to go.  In other words this purchase is definitely transferrable to another individual.  Thank you.

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