Native Plant Workshop emphasizing Antiviral Botanicals and other healing plants with John Mionczynski Saturday September 12th from 9am - 3pm

$ 95.00

This workshop will help prepare you for cold and flu season and give you tools in your arsenal in helping you with antimicrobials.  This workshop will be held mostly outside and will consist of a moderate hike with many stops along the trail as John points out specific plants that are known for their antiviral properties.  We will have two separate walks.  One at the lower Black Canyon Trail Creek area and the other with high elevation plants at the summit of Teton Pass.  This is an incredibly useful class that will serve you, your family and friends throughout your lives.

We will meet at the Healing Barn at 6190 Heck of a Hill Road 1 mile south of Wilson, Wyoming at 9am.  Please bring a bag lunch, snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Here is a list of other items to bring on this hike:

1) Sunscreen - also hats are encouraged for sun protection.

2) Insect Repellent

3) Hiking shoes/boots

4) A light jacket in case it gets a bit cold.  You may also wish to wear pants  as opposed to shorts depending upon the weather.

5) A back pack

6) Water container

7) Notebook including pen or pencil

8) Lots of questions