American Codistillations: Making Wild West Perfumes with Jessica Ring

$ 750.00

American Wilderness Botanicals is honored to introduce our first workshop with renown distiller and perfumer Jessica Ring.

July 13th - July 14th, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)

Description: Join us as we combine various native plants harvested from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana into a combination distillation to create a wild western perfume. From resin covered pine cones, to balsamic tree buds, and green conifer needles, to the earth-scented roots and leather-touched artemisias, we will explore various distillation techniques for drawing perfume from the wilds. Special focus will be placed on codistilling resins with aromatic medicine plants.

Time: TBA

Location: The Barn Healing Center (headquarters of American Wilderness Botanicals) located at 6190 Heck of a Hill Road, 1 mile south of Wilson, Wyoming.
Register early (prior to June 1st, 2019) for the early bird special.  After June 1st, 2019 price will increase to full $1,200.00.

Price:  $999.00

Limited Space: 25 Persons

Level of Experience: Intermediate to expert, however beginners can get a tremendous amount of information from this workshop.

Workshop Description: 

Day One: 

Morning - 

Codistillation in 8 gallon copper still of various pine resins with several different conifers, flowers, artemisias, etc.  Each plant included will be discussed in terms of medicinal use, as well as olfactory profile and yield.  Ecological discussions on sustainability of each plant will be discussed.  The combination distillation will show an example of how plants can be simultaneously hydro and steam distilled, with resins included, to quickly, efficiently draw their hydrosol and essential oil.

Noon - A Light Healthy Lunch

Afternoon - 

The codistilled oil of the forest and desert from the morning will be used as the center of a natural perfume upon which we will build on and balance using natural perfumery techniques.  Concepts of sillage, harmony, dilution, concentration, and duration will be examined as stories of emotional response and ecological wonder are told.  Each student will leave with a perfume made from our wild western states.

Day Two:

Morning -

Immersion distillation of rose and other flowers into sweetgrass and poplar infused oil.  Discussion on balancing fragrance right out of the still.  Slow, low distillation showcases how to capture delicate fragrance notes.  

Afternoon -

Incense class on using distillation "waste" for incense and other body care applications.  Together we will make a batch of indigo-dyed loose incense composed of the plants of our shared western terrains to honor the land.


For excellent accommodations within a short distance please contact Ben-Scott Clark at (307) 690-8155.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you for this amazing experience!


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