Wildcrafting to Hydrosol and Essential Oil


Place: The Barn Healing Center at 6200 Heck of a Hill Road 1 mile south of Wilson, Wyoming



Cost: $199.00 per person
Type of training: This is the foundation  (“distillation 101”) in the art of botanical steam distillation.

You will be taking home one 2oz., one 4oz and one 16oz hydrsol from your harvest to hydrosol process.  You will also bring home at least 1 dram of essential oil (often more) each from your harvest depending upon the yield of the plant.  Please note that since this is a hands-on workshop and you will be working with the large 150 litre copper alembic still there is a limit of 3 people per workshop.  Thank you.

The following is some of what you will be learning in this workshop:

 1) How to ethically harvest plants so that they will be abundant year after year.

 2) Preparing the copper alembic still for distillation

 3) Weighing plant material before you load the still.

 4) The difference between a hydro-distillation and a steam-distillation.  We will be doing both in order to obtain essential oil as well as an excellent hydrosol.

 5) Testing PH levels as the hydrosol is coming over through the whole distillation process, a process that is called “the run.” 

 6) Learning about the head, heart and tail of the hydrosol and then mixing all three together at the end of the distillation.

 7) You’ll learn how to collect the hydrosol, keep it sterile and sanitary and how hydrosols are tested for microbes.

8) How to collect the essential oil at the end of the process.

9) Mixing the “head, heart and tail” of the distillation run together to form a complete hydrosol.

 10) Taking the still apart, unloading the used plant material into the compost pile and cleaning the still for the next distillation.

Educational Experience From This Workshop

1) There will be literature handouts explaining in depth how you can use hydrosols and how they have been used historically.   You’ll also be given a handout on the history of distillation and the historic use of hydrosols from ancient Greece to modern Europe.  I will have several books available that I recommend for people who are interested in continuing to learn about the art of botanical distillation.

 2) There will also be a handout with contact information for various and sundry professional botanical distillers and their organizations along with information on how you can purchase a copper alembic table top still for yourself should you be drawn to the art of distillation and wish to do your own distillation at home in your garden.

 3) Also there will be an excellent handout explaining the studies that show the use of copper and how effective copper is in preventing microbial contamination of the hydrosol.

 4) Class participants will come home with an ample supply of wild botanical hydrosols and also will bring home a portion of the essential oil they obtain that day.

 5) There will be plenty of time for question and answers.

 6) There will be healthy snacks (i.e. dried and fresh fruit, cheeses, veggies, crackers and drinks including wildcrafted iced tea) provided at the barn for participants.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the Barn Healing Center at 6200 Heck of a Hill Road 1 mile south of Wilson, Wyoming.