The Barn Healing Center

The Barn Healing Center is the headquarters of American Wilderness Botanicals.  The Barn Healing Center or "Healing Barn" as many call it, is located on 5 acres of beautiful Aspen and Lodgepole Pine with the Bridger Teton National Forest and also Jackson Hole Land Trust land surrounding the property makes for a pristine, secluded and wonderful place in the midst of the grandeur of Jackson Hole.  We are located at 6190 Heck of a Hill Road only 1 mile south of Wilson, Wyoming.

The Barn Healing Center is a multi-purpose space.  A major facet of the Barn Healing Center is for teaching classes on the art of distillation in order to obtain essential oils and hydrosols.  Another facet of the Barn Healing Center is to provide training and education on native botanicals and their uses along with the basics in the healing arts and also a place for fantastic celebrations.

The Barn Healing Center Spa

Massage Therapy, Hot Stone, Salt Scrubs & Herbal Body Wraps

The spa offers a variety of massage modalities along with a wonderful selection of body treatments including our Fish Creek Hot Stone Massage, the Fontenelle et Shoshone salt scrub with our signature Fleur de Sel – French Sea Salt & Rocky Mountain botanical blend.  We also have a selection of herbal body wraps to choose from – whether it be nourishing Wild Woods Rose Hips, Detoxifying Wild Yarrow or our Hydrating Wolf Mountain Wild Botanical Herbal Wrap; each of our herbal wraps are steeped in locally harvested botanicals.  Virtually all of the herbs used in our products are sourced locally.  

Our hydrating massage oils we use in our massage products are sourced from North America and they include the oils from the Sonoran Jojoba Tree (Simmondsia chinensis), Evening Primrose Oil from the North American West and Rosehip Seed Oil sourced from various North American regions (i.e. Rosa woodsii) and White Meadowfoam seed oil.  Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) is a wonderful flowering plant that grows wild in Northern California and along the Oregon coast.

The Barn Healing Center Tea Bar

When you are either waiting for a massage or have just received one you can enjoy a wonderful selection of herbal teas to choose from at our Tea Bar.  Several of the teas are (you guessed it) locally harvested from the region including our wild Nettle and Fireweed hydrosol teas.  You may also like our Juniper Pine Sparkling Water made with Lodgepole Pine and Juniper hydrosols made from botanicals that have been wildcrafted and distilled on location at the Barn.

The Beginning of Something Unique and Wonderful

American Wilderness Botanicals, LLC and the Barn Healing Center are all a part of a vision of a wildcrafting and a botanical distillation space coupled with a botanical, education, healing center and spa.  Our goal is to not only help people feel good and improve their health but to also educate people to connect with the vast botanical legacy that is found in the valley of Jackson Hole.  Since the ancient people’s (the Native Shoshone, Crow and Lakota tribes) hunted in this valley they have used the native valley botanicals for healing, well-being and for spiritual purposes.  The first white people to come to the valley were French Canadian trappers.  They shared their knowledge of healing and medicinal tinctures preserving plant extracts using grain alcohols, etc. with the Shoshone and the Shoshone in turn shared their wealth of herbal medicinal knowledge with the French trappers as was oft repeated in the Lewis and Clark Expedition as well.  We dedicate American Wilderness Botanicals and the Barn Healing Center to the story of the Native American tribes who inhabited historic Jackson Hole and the French Trappers and Explorers and their “Rendezvous” that created such an enduring ethnobotanical legacy.