Harvest to Hydrosol and Essential Oil Workshop for Cory Curtis' Team on Thursday July 11th, 2019

$ 150.00

These are the basic foundational steps in the art of distilling plants to obtain hydrosols and essential oils.  The workshop is 4 hours and is $150.00 for each participant.

  • We will have wildcrafted Sagebrush harvested the day prior, available for this workshop.
  • The workshop’s goals will be to provide an overview of the process of steam distillation to the group of people in attendance. Participation in the process will be encouraged.
  • The protocol below is an overview. Each workshop participant will receive a copy of the entire workshop for their use in the future including links to learn more. 

Wyoming Sagebrush (Artemesia tridentata wyomingensis)

The Process in Detail:

1) Preparing the copper alembic still for distillation.

  1. a) Filling the pot with 3 parts water to 1 part plant material.

3) Weighing plant material before you load the still.

4) The difference between a hydro-distillation and a steam-distillation. 

5) Learn about 3 to 1 ratios (water to plant material) in order to get an excellent hydrosol. 

6) Testing pH levels as the hydrosol is coming over through the whole distillation process.

7) Learning about the head, heart and tail of the hydrosol and then mixing all three together at the end of the distillation.

8) How to collect the hydrosol, keep it sterile and sanitary and how your hydrosols can be tested for microbes.

9) How to collect the essential oil at the end of the process.  At this point we will collect essential oil and each person in the workshop will receive a dram of essential oil to take home with them. In addition each person will receive a 2 oz and a 4 oz. bottle of sagebrush hydrosol to take home with them.
Much more will be discussed, such as the history of distillation.  How hydrosols can be used for everything from personal care to medicine.  A short history on the efficacy of essential oils.  Also we will discuss essential oil safety as well.

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